Written by: Circles Leader

After three short years this December, I am looking back to when my son and I joined the Circles family. I was unsure of what to expect and nervous about trusting others with my son. The first Christmas party that we attended was the first sign that this was going to be a great healthy new step for my son and I.

As weeks became months, I noticed the change in us both. Even my child wanted to go every week which helped me look forward to going.

Circles provided us with healthy dinners, warm conversations, and guest speakers which gave me key information I knew I would one day benefit from! Beginning our circle with New and Goods is everyone’s favorite. I’m know that, despite the nerves of it, we all need it and down deep enjoy it!

A safe place with people who have your back no matter what the problem. There is always someone who will know which path to put you on for more growth. Allies that take their time to give back to others. It amazes me how Circles Allies are like sisters and brothers who are just there in any way they can be. It is an amazing group to be a part of!

Today I am a stronger, wiser, person.

My biggest fears, worries, hardships were faced and conquered in the most surprising ways at times. I have my Coach right beside me. There is no judgement, no pushing, and no disrespect when I get nervous. Rough days are becoming smooth sailing. I knew I was in good hands and that all would work out and it did!

My life and the life of my son are for sure brighter because of Circles and everyone in it!