Written by: Circles Ally

In 2019 we established a new circle site at the London InterCommunity Health Centre on Highbury and huron.  This circle is focused on individuals who are on Ontario Works and are between the ages of 18-27.  We also have a great partnership with the Youth Outreach Worker program.  We have had many new volunteers who support this group – some are similar ages, some are mid-career, and some are semi retired – just like one of our volunteers who wanted to share her experience below.  

“I am semi-retired and want to give back to our community.  I have always known that there is poverty in our city, but like most people – have kept it at arms length.  What I discovered in the “youth” circle is that despite adversity; these young adults are working to make their lives better, first by attending the Getting Ahead program through Goodwill, and then voluntarily attending Circles that meets at London Intercommunity Health Centre (Huron and Highbury).

I have now recognized that even to travel the city using public transit, can be challenging – especially if you have small children.  I have discovered many social programs and services that weave a network of support for people who are striving to improve their lives.

The ‘Leaders’ are a group of highly motivated individuals who are open and honest. Circles has provided me with the opportunity to support and learn from these young people of the future.”

Young people are supported not only by volunteers like this one, but also by two Youth Outreach Workers from London Intercommunity Health Centre, and a Circles coach.  We are working together to create healthier communities for young people and their children! 

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact us today!