I joined Getting Ahead because I had no support system and growing up people said I was no good, and I wouldn’t amount to anything.   During Getting Ahead I learned about generational poverty, and how it contributed to why I was stuck where I was but also that our community struggles with systemic poverty.

Circles gave me a support system and taught me to believe in myself. I saw other members succeed who had so many barriers, and it gave me confidence to go back to school. I completed my grade 12 through ACE at Fanshawe and then I completed the Auto Parts Technician Pre Apprenticeship Program at Fanshawe while tutoring others students.  I obtained my license and a vehicle, and am now working full time for Team Truck in London on Wilton Grove Road. The best part?… I no longer need social assistance!!!

My next goal is to buy a house and I have already started to save.  I am so happy I don’t need to rely on anyone, and I can provide things for my child that I couldn’t before!